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Do I Need Gutters? The short answer is YES! You need gutters, and you need them installed completely around your Fort Myers house. All homes benefit from gutter systems, and the reason you need gutters may be different than you would think.

The Need for Gutters

Gutters have many names: rain gutters, house gutters, home gutters, residential gutters, roof gutters, guttering, etc. No matter what you call them, gutters all serve the same purpose: Gutters are used to direct water from your roof and away from your home’s foundation.

Directing water is for the benefit of your roof, your brick and siding, your foundation, and your landscaping. That’s right; gutters are a benefit to your Fort Myers home from top to bottom.

Improper rainwater drainage can lead to structural damage as well as leaks into the interior of your home. Without direction, rainwater falls unhindered, directly to the ground, which causes backsplash. Backsplash of mud and soil leads to staining on the brick, siding, or stucco of your home. Most importantly, improperly diverted rainwater can lead to soil erosion around your Fort Myers home. This can cause soil build-up, which directs water back toward your foundation that eventually leads to foundation problems.

Our Fort Myers Services

Gutter Replacement & Installation: There are several ways to install rain gutters on a home, but not all of them are ultimately beneficial. Improperly installed gutters can lead to wood rot as well as falling gutters, rendering what should be a beneficial addition to your home as a liability. Learn more

Gutter Covers: GCE Gutters carries and installs gutter covers (see pictures below) also known as “Gutter Guards”, “Gutter Topper” or “Retro Guard” with these gutter covers you can forget about cleaning your gutters again. Learn more

Gutter Cleaning: If you skipped cleaning your gutters last fall or last spring or perhaps even longer we’ll make sure that you have a fresh start with a complete inspection and a thorough cleaning. Learn more

Gutter Repair: There are some tell-tale signs that your rain gutters aren’t working properly: leaking gutters, sagging or hanging gutters, poor drainage, and rusty gutters, just to name a few. Learn more

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