10 Reasons to Have Your Gutters Cleaned Regularly

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You know that home maintenance is very important. But one of the most important things that you want to keep clean and well-maintained in your home is probably something you don’t think about often. That is your gutters. Chances are that you don’t think that clean gutters are very important. But the truth is that there are ten good reasons to have your gutters cleaned on a regular basis.

1. Aesthetics

Even though this might not seem important, it’s one of the biggest reasons that you want to have your gutters cleaned. When your gutters are clogged, congested or dirty gutters, it doesn’t make your house look very nice. When you have people coming to your house you want them to have a good impression of your home and you.

2. Efficiency

Your gutters are very important to your house. The water flow around the house is managed by gutters, and this is a big issue when there is bad weather. When your gutters aren’t regularly they often won’t direct the flow of water properly. This means that water can overflow or pool. Properly cleaning and maintaining your gutters regularly will help them be more efficient.

3. Your Health and Well-Being

Stagnant water will make mildew and mold grow. When this happens, it can risk your family’s health. When you are keeping your gutter clean, water is flowing well and therefore mildew doesn’t grow as fast.

4. Saves Money

Although it may seem like a needless expense to have your gutters cleaned, you may discover that it is actually saving you money. If you aren’t able to clean them yourself, having them professionally cleaned can help you with avoiding major damages that a clogged gutter can do to your home.

5. Safety

When your gutter is full of debris such as leaves and twigs, unwanted guests may be attracted. These kinds of materials are often used for building nests on your gutter by termites, birds and insects. If you’re not thrilled about these types of ‘guests’ making your home their home, you want to make sure that your gutters get cleaned regularly.

6. Leaky Roof Problems

If your gutters are clogged, you may have to deal with a roof that is leaking. The water can become backed on your roof and when winter comes it can lead to ice dams. When water is sitting on shingles and in the roof valleys, it’s going eventually come into the house through the vents and cause your roof to rot and that means it can leak.

7. Interior Damage

When your gutters are clogged, it can cause damage to your interior if it’s not fixed. It can be anything from a stained ceiling that needs repainting to damage which is centered over one of your walls. If this happens it’s going to need a repair a lot more than simply painting because this may not be noticed for a while. The wall studs might rot or begin molding which can cause severe damage.

8. Problems with Mosquitoes

Gutters that have standing water inside them are going to attract mosquitos and make them lay their eggs and multiply. Mosquitos are very annoying, and they can carry disease depending on where you live. So that is a huge reason why you should make sure that your gutters are cleaned out.

9. Damage to Your Fascia

Fascia is the board that is mounted right below the line of your roof around your home’s perimeter. Gutters get mounted right to these fascia boards. When your gutters get clogged, they’re going to overflow and the overflow that spills water constantly over the boards will make the boards rot. If there’s too much damage to the fascia pests may get into the board and they can get right into the attic of your home.

10. Damage to Your Foundation

This is a huge problem. Make sure you’re paying attention. If there is rainwater falling off the roof and it’s not properly directed away from the house using your downspouts and gutters, it’s going to saturate your ground around your home’s foundation. This matters because excessive moisture in the ground can make the foundation of your home to settle and shift continuously. This can cause anything from drywall stress fractures to even worse. If it’s happening a lot, you are going to have leaking basement walls due to cracks in the concrete slabs.

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons why you want to get your gutters clean or clean them yourself. From making your home look good to protecting your home from unwanted pests to more serious reasons like damage to your home, there are many reasons why you want to keep your gutters clean. Just having them cleaned twice a year can make a huge difference in your health and the health of your home.

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