4 Gutter Cleaning Tips

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One thing that is very important in the home is your gutters. They should be well-maintained and checked regularly to make sure that they are working well. Below are four tips that you can use to make sure that your gutters are working the way that they should.

1. Make Sure You’re Safe

Just like with all of the activities that you do when doing home maintenance, it’s important to be safe. Since chances are that you are going to be using a ladder while you’re cleaning your gutters, you want to make sure you’re following safety tips for ladders. Put your ladder on some solid ground. Only use the specified rungs and make sure that the ground is level.

2. Work with the Correct Tools

You’re going to need some tools for cleaning the gutters. Along with your ladder, you should have work gloves, two buckets and a trowel. Hang the buckets on the ladder, one that has your tools in it and leave the other one empty for debris. You should also grab your hose for some help with your cleaning.

3. Remove the Bigger Debris First

The first thing you’ll need to do is to remove any of the large debris. Use your trowel to remove those things like cobwebs, dirt, leaves and twigs. If there are stuck larger items, like a bird’s nest or tennis ball, it’s possible you’re going to need a snake tool that plumbers use. If you can’t remove it with that, you might be able to remove your downspout and then remove your clog. If that doesn’t work, you can call someone who specializes in gutters to have it done.

4. Use Your Hose

After all of the bigger debris’ removed, use your hose to remove anything that is remaining in your gutters. Begin on the opposite side of the downspout, then work towards it. If you’re noticing that your water’s not draining, this probably is a sign something is clogging your downspout. In this case, take the plumber’s snake, then disassemble your downspout, or get in touch with a professional.

It’s not a huge hassle to clean your gutter. It’s only going to become hard when something is clogging the downspout.

Keep in mind that gutter cleanings are very important when you want to keep your home maintained. When you ensure that the gutters in your home have been cleaned and there’s properly draining water, you are going to protect your doors, windows, roof, foundation and siding from damage from water.

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