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There are several ways to install rain gutters on a home, but not all of them are ultimately beneficial. Improperly installed gutters can lead to wood rot as well as falling gutters, rendering what should be a beneficial addition to your home as a liability.

Properly Installed Gutters

It’s very important that rain gutters always be installed behind the “drip edge” to ensure proper capturing of rainwater. Installing gutters on top of roof flashing may be easier and quicker, but improperly installed rain gutters can actually do more damage than good. Rain gutters installed on top of roof flashing leave space for rainwater to splash behind the gutters onto the home’s fascia. This water, protected from wind and sun, rots the fascia and eventually leads to costly home repairs. If rain gutters are properly installed behind the “drip edge,” the only place for water to go is down the gutter and away from your home.

Properly Secured Downspouts

Downspouts are enclosed, vertical pieces of guttering that carry water from the rain gutter to the ground. In order to keep a downspout in place, it must be secured to the side of the home with the use of straps. It is important to secure straps to the brick, not the mortar between bricks, because it creates a more secure, enduring hold. Mortar deteriorates over time causing downspouts to come loose, which can create leaks and even fall down.

Don’t Wait to Replace Your Gutters

Rotting gutters can become a nightmare if left unattended for very long, not only can they be unsightly, but can produce some devastating effects to the integrity of your home, rotting gutters can produce damage to the soffit and fascia board and jeopardize the overall life of your roof and the structure of your home, leaking gutters can lead to damage inside the walls and drywall of your home and will produce the right conditions for black mold to take root and grow which can lead to serious health consequences for the occupants within.

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